Need Office Space?

Office space available in downtown Clinton
Great location, across from Clinton Post Office
One or two rooms available. Also includes use of the conference room.

Contact Michelle or John at:

Are You An Entrepreneurial Lawyer?

Is it time for you to establish your own identity? To break away from the large or elite firm you started with, or to establish yourself following a clerkship? That is how I got started. I can provide space and contribute experience that may benefit you as you get established.

I am very much interested in meeting with and helping lawyers who have developed some experience, are entrepreneurial in their outlook, and foresee themselves as being involved in the kind of practice that I have enjoyed for most of my fifty plus year career. If you are such a lawyer contact me at, or call me at 908-782-5317, and let’s have a confidential conversation about your interest and what I may have to offer.

I expect to continue my law practice, perhaps, for five more years. At some point, during that time, I would like to be in a position in which other lawyers tend to my clients as they build and develop their own following.

My practice is one that is both diverse and focused, one where I largely serve people who are spending their own money. Does there continue to be a need for entrepreneurial lawyers, perhaps to organize themselves for the purpose of serving the clients I have served for over 50 years? I think so.

I have, from time to time, represented big corporations in transactions and in land-use applications, including litigating such cases, where middle managers are spending corporate and stockholder money. But about 75% of my practice is representing ordinary people who have day to day problems and opportunities that call for the services of local, interested, dedicated, trustworthy, accomplished, affordable lawyers to help them.

Do you want the life of a small town Main Street lawyer? Are you such a lawyer?  Give me a call. We should talk. Benefit from my experience.


Lee B. Roth
Lee B. Roth Law Offices
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