Office Furniture and Law Books

The following is available as one of out local practices closes.  If interested, please contact Debbie at (908) 806-3346.

Assorted Office Furniture

Following Law Books

Ballentine’s Law Dictionary
Black’s Law Dictionary
American Heritage College Dictionary
NJ Transaction Guide, Matthew Bender Volume 1 to 12
NJSA 2A, 2C, 3B, 9 and 39
NJ Family Law Practice Fifth Edition Volume I, IA, II
Merriam Webster Concise Dictionary
Guarlinick Family Law Annotated 1999 to 2011
NJ Police Manuel 2012 to 2018
NJ Rules of Evidence 2012 to 2018
NJ Law Practice Volume I, II, III, Historical Documents
NJ Practice Elder Law Volume 45 and 45A 2015 and 2016
NJ Practice Municipal Court 2015, 2016
NJ Practice Criminal Practice Volume 31 and 32
NJ Rules of Court Federal (West) 2006 to 2012
NJ Rules of Court State (West) 2008 to 2012
Misc. Criminal Law:  Criminal Law Cases Foundation Press
   Scientific Evidence in Criminal Cases Foundation Press, LaFave Scott Criminal Law (West)
   Handling Drunk Driving Cases (Criminal Law Library)
The Nature & Function of Law by Berman Foundation Press
Cases on Domestic Relations by Paulsen Foundation Press
Cases on Equity and Equitable Remedies Foundation Press
Cases on Torts by Shulman Foundation Press
Business Planning by Herwitz Foundation Press
NJ Inheritance Estate Taxes by Beck Gann
NJ Practice Family Law Volume 10,11,12 West
NJ Court Rules  2002 to 2018 Gann
NJCLE Estate Planning Manual Volume 1,11,111
Classics on the Bar by Sellers Volume 1-8
Constitution Law Cases and Materials by Kauper
NJ Practice Series Volume 31 Criminal 2009 to 2012, Volume 32 Criminal Practice 2008 to 2012
Volume 33 and 33A Criminal Law, Volume 51 Municipal Court 2011 to 2014
NJ Motor Vehicle Cole Title 39 2011 to 2014
NJ Code Criminal Justice Motor Vehicle 2012 to 2014
The American Public Law System by Marshall Merrill